30 Cụm Động Từ Quan Trọng trong các đề thi TOEIC


Cụm động từ thường xuyên sử dụng trong các đề thi Toeic.

Các bạn sẽ học qua hình ảnh nên rất dễ thuộc và nhớ rất lâu.

Chỉ cần bỏ ra 30s cho 1 hình là nhớ ngay 30 cụm từ vựng liền.

Đây là 30 cụm động từ quen thuộc nhất.

1. I'll pass on (skip) dessert, thanks.
2. I'll take off (quantify) the concrete and steel for this construction project. 
3. I'm calling him, but he just isn't picking up (answer)!
4. I'm going to stay at home on Saturday and just kick back (relax). 
5. I'm going to take off (depart) now. 
6. I'm sorry; I'm not with (agree) you on this point. 
7. I'm trying to get over (overcome) my fear of flying.
8. I've decided to break it off (end a relationship) with her. 
9. I'm not going to come at (try) that again. Too risky. 
10. If I wake up during the night, I cannot drift off (fall asleep) again. 
11. If we cut out (remove) the middle - man, we will both have better profits. 
12. In case of fire, get out (escape) by the nearest exit.
13. It is difficult to carry on (maintain) a conversation with so many distractions.
14. It seemed like a good idea, so we fell in with (accept) it. 
15. I'll be warmer once the sun comes up (rise).
16. Jane's always getting down on (criticise) the kids. 
17. Kids! Stop messing about (misbehave) and do your work! 
18. Let's kick off (start) this project with a planning meeting. 
19. Let's take up (resume) where we left off. 
20. Malaria carried off (cause death) many people.
21. Management won't go for (accept) such a risky project now. 
22. Nothing gets me down (discourage) so much as a rainy day. 
23. Please come in (enter) and look around. 
24. Please go out (leave) through the back door. 
25. Please take out (remove) the trash before the whole house starts to smell.
26. Please hold the line a moment while I put you through (connect) to the sales office. 
27. Put down (write) the first thing you think of on this piece of paper. 
28. Real estate prices have come down (decrease) since the peak of the boom. 
29. Sam was sure he could bring them around (convince) to the deal. 
30. She claims the publishers never really got behind (support) her new book.

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