Bài 26: Preposition Collocations 1

Put in the correct preposition
  1. She paid for lunch  __________ advance, so we don't need to pay now.
  2. I went to the wrong house __________mistake.
  3. Please make sure that you're  __________time for the class.
  4. I was walking to the station and __________chance I saw the glove that I'd lost on the ground.
  5. I love eating out in London. __________instance, one of my favourite restaurants has amazing Japanese food.
  6. I think the cat is __________danger on that high roof.
  7. I picked up the laptop and __________my surprise it fell apart in my hands.
  8. I have a lot __________common with my cousin. We both like many of the same things.
  9. If the baby starts to cry, pick her up __________once.
  10. Did you forget your purse __________purpose so you wouldn't have to pay?
  11. It's best to arrive __________foot because there is nowhere to park.
  12. What do a whale and a dolphin have __________common?
  13. He added salt instead of sugar __________mistake.
  14. What's your favourite thing to do? __________instance, do you like sport?
  15. The book was __________reach on a high shelf.
  16. I want to go to Germany __________a change. I've never been there.
  17. Please let me know __________advance if you can't come to the meeting.
  18. She often goes to school __________foot.
  19. Do you always brush your teeth before bed __________fail?
  20. The little girl broke the toy __________purpose because she was so angry.
  21. Please come __________once. We have a big problem.
  22. She worked very hard and __________last she managed to pass the exam.
  23. We need to be __________time or my grandmother will start to get anxious.
  24. It feels like owning a house is __________reach. I'll never be able to do it.
  25. We thought about it a lot and __________last we decided to buy a new flat.
  26. We watched a film  __________ a change. Usually we read.
  27. She was really  __________ danger for a few minutes in the rough sea, but luckily a lifeguard saw her.
  28. I went to the bookshop and __________ chance I found a really interesting book about Switzerland.
  29. He walked into the kitchen and __________ his surprise there was food all over the floor.
  30. She drinks a litre of water every day __________ fail.
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  1. In advance
  2. By mistake
  3. Be on time
  4. By chance
  5. For instance,
  6. In danger
  7. To surprise
  8. (have) in common
  9. At once
  10. On purpose
  11. On foot
  12. (have) in common
  13. By mistake
  14. For instance,
  15. Be out of reach
  16. For a change
  17. In advance
  18. On foot
  19. Without fail
  20. On purpose
  21. At once
  22. At last
  23. Be on time
  24. Out of reach
  25. At last
  26. For a change
  27. In danger
  28. By chance
  29. To surprise
  30. Without fail

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