Bài 27: Prepositions after Verbs 1

Put in the correct preposition
  1. Stop worrying  _________ your exam - everything will be fine.
  2. I've waited  _________Judy for 30 minutes. I'm going home.
  3. Stop talking and concentrate  _________ myour work.
  4. Don't forget to pay _________ the newspaper.
  5. He explained the computer program  _________ me.
  6. I don't know what we'll do at the weekend. It depends  _________ the weather.
  7. She will arrive  _________ Beijing at 3pm.
  8. I like to listen  _________ the radio when I wake up.
  9. He borrowed £20 _________ his brother.
  10. Who does this coat belong _________?
  11. She left without paying  _________ the meal.
  12. It was so hot I couldn't concentrate  _________ my book.
  13. Mothers always worry  _________ their children.
  14. Please explain the meaning of this word  _________ your classmates.
  15. I'm fed up of waiting  _________ spring.
  16. That car belongs _________ my father.
  17. She listens _________ opera on the tube.
  18. Which university you go to depends  _________ your exam results.
  19. A lot of people borrow money _________ the bank.
  20. When she arrived _________ the pub, it was already closed.
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[Quiz 1]
  1. Worry about
  2. Wait for
  3. Concentrate on = focus on
  4. Pay for
  5. Explain ... to
  6. Depend on = rely on
  7. Arrive in ( at in some cases )
  8. Listen to
  9. Borrow from
  10. Belong to
  11. Pay for
  12. Concentrate on
  13. Worry about
  14. Explain ... to
  15. Wait for
  16. Belong to
  17. Listen to
  18. Depend on
  19. Borrow ...from
  20. Arrive at

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