Học ngữ pháp Prepositional Phrases


Prepositional Phrases


on schedule 
on the record 
on oath 
on pain of 
on balance 
on a journey 
on a large scale 
on a pension 
on a regular basis


in common 
in compensation for 
in conclusion 
in confidence 
in confinement 
in conjunction with 
in connection with 
in consequence of 
in comparison with


by the side of 
by way of 
by virtue of 
by chance 
by the name of 
by accident 
by luck 
by air 
by sea


out of work 
out of fashion 
out of print 
out of step 
out of breath 
out of context 
out of control 
out of curiosity 
out of doors


Bilk out of 
Compose of 
Consist of 
Convince of 
Despair of 
Disapprove of 
Convict of 
Cure of 
Conceive of


for certain 
for life 
for a reason 
for a change 
for experience 
for fear of 
for lack 
for good
for want of


at the outset 
at one's side 
at a fraction of 
at the double 
at a discount 
at a distance 
at sight 
at high speed 
at one time
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