How to Ask for and Give Directions

1. Useful phrases: Asking for directions

  • Could you tell me how to get to…?
  • How do I find…?
  • Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to…?
  • Which is the best way to…?
  • Could you direct me to…?
  • How do I get to…?
  • What’s the best way to…?
  • Where is…?
  • Excuse me, How can I go to…?
  • Can you tell me the way to…?
  • Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the bus station
  • Excuse me, do you know where the post office?
  • Are you from around here?
  • I’m looking for this address
  • Are we on the right road for…?
  • Is this the right way for…
  • Do you have a map?
  • Can you show me on the map?

2. Useful phrases: Giving directions

  • The easiest way is to…
  • The quickest way is to…
  • The best way is to…
  • Turn back/ Go back
  • Turn left/ right (into…-street/at the end of…)
  • Go along…
  • Cross…
  • Take the first/ second road on the left/right
  • It’s on the left/right.
  • Go up/down
  • It’s about 50 meters from here
  • It’s on you right/left
  • It’s in the middle of the block
  • It’s on the corner
  • It’s next to/ across/ between/ in front of…
  • Drive to… street and turn left/right
  • Go straight ahead…
  • It’s this way/that way
  • You’re going the wrong way
  • You’re going the wrong direction
  • Take this road
  • Go down there
  • Take the first on the left
  • Take the second on the right
  • Turn right at the crossroads
  • Continue straight ahead for about a mile
  • Continue past the fire station
  • You’ll pass a supermarket on your left
  • It’ll be on your left/right
  • It’ll be straight ahead of you

3. Useful phrases: How far is it?

  • Is it far (From here)?
  • Is it a long way?
  • How far is it to the airport?
  • It’s not far (From here).
  • It’s just around the corner.
  • It’s quite close.
  • It’s quite a long way.
  • It takes a while.
  • It’s a long way on foot.
  • It’s a long way to walk.
  • It’s about a five-minute walk.
  • It’s about a ten-minute walk.
  • It’s about a twenty-minute bus ride.
  • It’s about a mile from here.

4. Useful phrases: If you can’t help

  • I’m sorry, I don’t know.
  • Sorry, I’m not from around here.
  • I’m afraid I can’t help you.
  • You could ask the bus driver.

5. Useful phrases: Offer warnings

  • Stay in the right lane
  • It’s a very busy road.
  • It’s a big hill (if they are walking or on a bike)
  • There might be construction.
  • If you pass the…you went too far.
  • There’s no parking.

6. Useful phrases: Offer another solution

  • You could ask the bus driver.
  • Ask the front desk clerk.
  • Follow  me. I’ll show you the way.
  • Do you want me to draw you a map?

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